JOYO JF-34 Verzerrung Effekt für Akustikgitarre violett


Give your clean amp another distortion channel! Simulates the high-gain distortion tone of a driven tube amplifier. True bypass design.
Product Features

True Bypass design
High Gain Distortion
Volume, Distortion and Tone Knobs
Rugged Heavy-duty housing
Durable jacks and Foot switch

Get one before supplies run out… the US Dream is a modern guitarists best friend. You cant go too far wrong with this little tone-monster, no matter where you leave the settings. Well, thats as long as you dont blow out your amps speaker. The headroom from this pedal is incredible, so much so that it needs to be tamed. If not adjusted between the Distortion and Volume knobs Pre-stage clipping gain and overall output, the pedal will most likely break up the rest of the signal.. However, it can be used in conjunction with other pedals at the same time turn on with a sustainer/compressor simultaneous, or used with a pedal routing device ***PROVIDE LINK to turn on another processor such as a reverb unit, volume pedal or wah. The gain it puts out is predictable, and if you like playing with distortion and wah at the same time, this pedal can do this with ease. We suggest leaving the output near 9 oclock, but theres nothing wrong with putting it even higher, especially if your amp can handle such input power.
Feautring true-bypass wiring, quality components and an efficient circuit design, the JF-34 US Dream distortion performs like any other high-end boutique distortion pedal, but has a price point that allows entry level and beginner players to get a taste of this type of pedals expressiveness. This is one of the most responsive pedals from Joyo Audio, and thats just what you can get from the crowd when you have this pedals output matched properly and it clicks in / ON to provide subtle but rich harmonic overdrive: Reaction!
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