Pure Tone: 20 Foot 1/4′ Jack To 1/4′ Jack Instrument Cable. Für E-Gitarre


This 20ft Guitar Cable from Pure Tone is a dependable and efficient lead that is long enough for most purposes, and tough enough for most needs.

In a sleek black colour and with fully shielded connectors, this Guitar Lead is perfect as your main cable or as a backup in case another one fails. It’s long enough for standard practising in the home, or for gigging on small stages, where you’re unlikely to go wandering.

This durable and tough Guitar Cable will withstand even the most rigorous gigging schedules and will certainly survive being put through its paces during practice. It will remain plugged in without becoming loose and will make sure that the sound you are making on your Guitar sounds as perfectly pristine when it goes out through your amp.

If you’re in need of a durable, dependable and effective Guitar Cable, this 20ft long lead from Pure Tone will serve you well, and at this price, you’ll have no excuse not to plug in and rock out.